sweet steals: metallic pumps

i have to admit, i was crushing pretty hard on these metallic pumps even before i saw the price.  my favorite heel heel height (2.5″), goes-with-everything rounded toe, slightly lowered vamp for just a bit of toe cleavage…perfection!  my favorite is that bronze shade on the left, which i may have to pick up even though i have no earthly use for them here in granola country.  but the silver is going to be fantastic for spring (they’ll go perfectly with all of those pastels).  tough call.  

then again, at $19.99 (don’t you just want to give the fab people at old navy a great big kiss?), i think you could pretty safely pick up both colors.  for those of you living in more cosmopolitan parts of the world, this one should be a no-brainer.

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2 comments on “sweet steals: metallic pumps

  1. Sal

    They’re utterly adorable! I’ve been lusting after a similar model from Dolce Vita for ages, and that’s running $90.

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