beauty buzz: new kiehl’s goodies


there is really very little that comes out of the kiehl’s lab (and by “lab,” i’m envisioning a giant kitchen, since so many of their products are made of “good for you” treats) that i don’t end up loving.  their products are always just perfectly gentle, do what they claim, and make my skin happy.  so, when i got the word that a few new things were going on, i couldn’t resist trying them out.

for those of you with the fair skin/red cheeks/freckle combo, i cannot recommend their new “highly efficient skin-tone corrector” enough.  the name pretty much says it all (yes, they’re not creative with the naming, i’ll admit).  their press release says to expect results within six weeks, but i have to admit, i’ve been using it under my daily moisturizer for a week, and my cheeks are definitely, definitely less red.  keep this up, and i’m going to have the perfect “snow white” complexion in no time!  normally the highly-potent skin products equal serious irritation for my sensitive skin, but they’ve done some science-y thing to make the glycolic acid much, much more gentle.  and trust me:  if i can use it, you can use it.  

and, for my fragrance devotees, kiehl’s just launched their original, cult-classic fragrance oils in a roller-ball vial.  i normally have to steer clear of fragrance – if it doesn’t give me a headache, it makes the hubs sneeze.  plus, i’ve never been a big fan of overly-complex fragrances. what i love about these is that the fragrance is so concentrated that it sticks where you put it all day, without turning into a cloud of scent that follows you around.  it’s just a subtle note that you can put anywhere, to give yourself (and those spending time very close to you) a little “something extra.”  choose from four of their original scents:  musk, vanilla, coriander and (my favorite) grapefruit, which is just perfect for spring.  i could also see these being great mixed – definitely an option worth exploring at your local kiehl’s counter., Inc.

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