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when diane von furstenberg debuted her shoe collection last fall, i had a feeling she was onto something.  and sure enough, her spring collection has me all aflutter.  in fact, i have more DVF shoes on my “must have” list for spring than any other brand…sort of a blessing, since most of her shoes top out around $200, rather than my beloved loeffler randalls, which are usually $400-500. sadly, most of my shopping is virtual these days, but there’s definitely fun to be had in wishful thinking, right?

that turquoise beaded flat sandal is a great nod to the ethnic print trend that’s so hot right now, but it’s not so obvious that you won’t be able to wear them next year.  ditto for the bright woven leather pattern on the leeds mini wedge (another huge trend for summer).  but the pair i’m really, really coveting is this fab flat “rialto” espadrille – the chunky gold nuggets and orange leather are endlessly versatile, and so classic you’ll turn to them for years of warm weather to come.  i am having such lovely visions of these sandals accompanying me on some exotic beach getaway…hey, just because i can’t even afford the shoes doesn’t mean i can’t dream!

check out all the styles at shopbop, saks or nordstrom – just one more of the many fine qualities of this collection:  accessibility!

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