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i’ve never been a big fan of foundation – or, for any matter, any cosmetic that adds a new step to my morning routine.  i’m pretty lazy before 8 am.  but lately, it’s become clear that maybe it’s time to put aside my bias.  and so, i set out to find a few options that made enough of a difference that it was worth the extra effort.

my first stop was laura mercier, whose tinted moisturizer is the stuff of beauty legends.  i had a hard time believing it could live up to expectations, but i was dying to find out.  so, i tested each of three formulas:  original, illuminating and oil-free.  the original version was good, and gave a decent amount of coverage, but i’ll admit, i wasn’t hearing violins and seeing rainbows (yes, my standard are unreasonably high – is this news?), so i moved on.  i wasn’t a huge fan of the oil-free – the product just didn’t blend the way i wanted it to – but that could have been because i wasn’t a great match for any of the colors.  but the illuminating!  violin city!  when i applied it, i honestly thought it was maybe a little too high on the shimmer (i’ve since been told by the laura mercier authorities that mixing it with your daily moisturizer alleviates that problem).  but during my testing, i had people i barely knew asking if i’d been on vacation recently, commenting on the glow my skin had, and generally telling me i looked awesome.  which is, after all, the point, right?  sadly, both the original and that amazing illuminating moisturizer caused my overly particular skin to rebel via acne, and so i was forced to abandon ship.

but, i was not about to give up!  i called my fabulous friends over at benefit to see what they had that would fit the bill, and they instantly exclaimed they had just the thing. perfect!  and before i knew it, i was testing their latest powder foundation, “hello flawless.”  now, because my skin tends toward the dramatically dry, powder foundations tend to be an awful idea – they make my skin look drier, they settle into wrinkles…it’s bad.  but “hello flawless” did an amazing job of gliding over my skin, making it generally more even-toned and clean-looking, without any of the aforementioned side effects.  in short, i looked pretty awesome!  plus, the coverage is designed to be layered – so i used a brush to get light coverage all over, and then applied with a sponge to areas that needed a bit more TLC.  it worked perfectly, and i haven’t needed a drop of concealer since i started using it.  i have, however, needed blush and/or bronzer – the coverage is very matte and uniform, so unlike with the laura mercier, you have to put a little dimension back into your skin.

so, the results of this exhaustive testing?  if you’re not terribly acne-prone and/or have a pretty good handle on your skin’s moisture balance, laura mercier’s tinted moisturizers are most definitely the way to go – particularly the illuminating formula.  and for the more sensitive among us, benefit’s “hello flawless” is the miracle cure du jour.  plus, both provide SPF, so they’re perfect for summer.

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