shoppingsmycardio giveaway: mother’s day edition!

instead of our regular monthly giveaway, i wanted to do a serious blowout this month in celebration of moms – i mean, after all, who deserves a little extra TLC more than your mom?  plus, i know times are tight, but i wanted to help a few of you deserving readers really go all out for mom this year.  so, i teamed up with three fantastic companies to compile some giveaway goodies that will make the perfect mother’s day gift, guaranteed!


for the extremely stylish mom, enter to win this beautiful 14K gold necklace, designed by the always wonderful katharine sise, and chosen by her especially for mother’s day.  isn’t the symbolism just perfect?  mom, child, interlocking….you get the idea.  plus, it’s a classic piece she can wear every day – while thinking about what an amazing kid you are for giving it to her.  retail on this beauty is $145 – and you can check out all of katharine’s stunning designs on her website!  


for the mom who’s an eternal romantic, and loves everything as girly as it gets, this pink diamond candle from DL & Co. is the ultimate in feminine frills.  fragrance can be tricky as a gift, but this one is absolutely sure to please.  spiced with ginger, soft with lily and finished with a dash of pink grapefruit for crispness, this just might be the universal fragrance.  the wonderful people at DL & Co. are offering up your choice of a huge 15 oz candle (retail is $135) or a diffuser ($115), which might just the be prettiest of its kind i’ve ever seen.  these gorgeous pieces come packaged in a satin box, tied with a bow, and housed in beautiful frosted glass.  if you’re intrigued, check out all of their fragrances on their website – i’m completely obsessed with the absinthe fragrance, and the lady rhubarb candle is going to be the perfect gift for my garden-loving grandmother.


next up is the perfect gift for the martha stewart mom.  you know, the one that’s always prepared, never forgets a birthday, and can’t imagine a day without a “to do” list.  linda and harriett, one of my favorite letterpress stationers, has put together a custom gift set packed with goodies that are sure to thrill your mom, and keep her on top of her uber-organized game for the year.  she’ll get two of their sweet notepads (i have one sitting on my desk this very moment), and an assortment of eight beautiful letterpress cards, perfect for birthdays, thank yous, or whatever other occasion she’s sending a card for.  plus, the linda & harriett crew will wrap it all up and tie it with a beautiful butterfly gift tag, so your gift is ready to go!  

since we have so many great gifts, this one’s going to work a bit differently – to enter, tell me which of the gifts you’d want to win for your mom and tell me something fabulous about her.  that’s right, it’s a mom lovefest.  for your bonus entry, do your usual twitter, facebook, blog, or other sharing of this contest, just make sure when you come back to leave your bonus entry (remember, it has to be a second comment!), you tell me which gift you’re entering for.  

i’ll draw winners randomly, as always, and announce on friday morning.  you’ll have to be “present” to win, so make sure you check back friday!  each of these generous companies has promised mom’s day delivery if you get me your address by the weekend.

good luck to everyone…and their moms!!

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49 comments on “shoppingsmycardio giveaway: mother’s day edition!

  1. Vanessa

    My mom has the prettiest handwriting I’ve ever seen, so of course I have to enter for the Linda & Harriett. Crossing my fingers!

  2. Karen H.

    My mom is always writing to-do lists, so I would love to give her the Linda & Harriet notepads. She’s always so busy, but she never forgets call me just to see how I’m doing. I love that she’s so caring that way.

  3. karen g

    My mom never gets anything for herself because she is too busy thinking of others. I want her to have the DL&Co. Pink Diamond so she can enjoy it at all times, no matter what she is doing or who she is entertaining.

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  5. Janessa

    I’ve never appreciated my Mom until after I became a Mom myself. She would do anything for me, something I’ve taken for granted up until recently. It’s for that reason I’d love to win the katharine sise necklace for her, as a constant reminder that she means the world to me.

  6. Sara

    I would love to give my mom the necklace, but for a little different reason – I have twin daughters that are her only grandchildren, and they are the light of her life. She is great with them, and is such a great support system for me when I need help with the girls.

  7. Sweetiewolfie

    My mother is so poised and collected. I wish I could have half the grace she has. You’ll never see her throwing a tantrum (the way I do…more often then I should).

    I think she’s most like the DL & Co. candle.

  8. Sara G

    My mom gives Martha Stewart a run for her money. She’s constantly crafting me necklaces, quilts, drapes, etc., and recently helped me put in a whole new front yard. Since she’s always prepared with the perfect thank you note, the linda and harriet gift set would be perfect for her. Thanks!

  9. Kassie

    My mom would love the necklace! She is one of the most dedicated, hard working women I know, and she rarely indulges in anything nice for herself.

  10. Sondra G

    I have to go for the necklace. My mom would think it symbolizes our close relationship. She’s fabulous because I am finishing my second year of law school this week and she has already written a poem for my graduation. That kind of support is always fabulous.

  11. Jamie

    I’d love to give my mom the candle. I hope it would help her relax. She’s been a very busy lady this year, not only does she manage her house, she manages my grandfathers house and his care, she plays secretary for me when I’m out of the country (at least 50% of the time) and still manages the time to be on the city council, on the board of a women’s shelter and be a quilt making machine. She’s the best.

  12. Michelle A.

    My mother is my best friend, she is the strongest, most beautiful woman in the world and…. she bakes the best cookies ever. I love her with all of my heart and owe everything I am to her. I would love to give my mom the DL & Co. diffuser. Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. Megan

    My mom is the best! She is always prepared and was such a great help for me planning my wedding. I just love her so much, she is my best friend. She is super funny too and doesn’t even know it. I would love to honor her this mother’s day with the beautiful necklace, I know she would be blown away. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  14. Katherine

    My mom is my Wonder Woman – she has always taken care of everyone around her, and manages to do it with wit, style, and flair (in addition to having a great career, home life, friends, and *ahem* two great kids). I would love to be able to give her the Katherine Sise necklace, which is just as fabulous as she is. 🙂

  15. Meghan

    I’d love to give my mom the interlocking necklace. She’s always been my strength, and without her, I wouldn’t be half the person I am today. The necklace seems like the perfect symbol of how much I love her.

  16. Stephanie C.

    I would love to give my mom the necklace. She sacrifices a lot for her kids and grandson so she deserves something gorgeous!

  17. Erin

    I think the necklace would be perfect for my mother. She has been through so much yet manages to be so optimistic you can help but feel inspired when you’re around her. She is the kind of mom that all your childhood friends still ask how she is doing. She makes a deep impression and I think that such a beautiful person deserves to wear something beautiful too.

  18. Sareh

    My mother is always saying she doesn’t have any nice jewelry. She attends many charity events and is the most dedicated woman I know! I would love to get her this necklace so she can have something nice to wear out…or to work 🙂

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  20. Jenny T

    I would love to give my mom the candle. My mom is always on the lookout for great smelling candles, and it would be the perfect way for me to thank her for passing along her love of SHOPPING to me! Plus, I owe her for all the times she nursed me through a breakup, helped me move and now, watches over her grandson.

  21. Joanna

    I think that Mother’s day is the most beautiful day of the entire year! Our mom’s should be praised everyday for all that they have done for us!

    My mom is super special to me for never giving up on me especially when things were tough. She is a constant believer and supporter of me and my life! I want to thank her by the Katharine Sise necklace! It would be something she could wear everyday day and know that it was worth it!

    Thank you for this wonderful Mother’s Day opportunity!

  22. Jenn

    I would love the necklace for her, my mom always taught me that it’s not WHAT you wear…it’s HOW you wear it. Self confidence is sexier than any piece of jewelry. Although the necklace is quite nice! 🙂

  23. Brianne

    I would love to give my mom the necklace…hopefully she would share with me. With the economy the way it is nobody can give presents like that so it would be nice to give her something great.

  24. Jenna

    I’d LOVE to give my mom the Katherine Sise necklace! The chain and pendant she always wears are pretty worn out and a little dated 🙂 bless her heart! This could be a new classic.

  25. Apple

    I would love the necklace for my mama, it’s so her actually. 🙂 She has always taughts us her children to smile to everyone, be friendly and treat anyone with kindness and respect. She’s just so very kind and passionate that’s why I love her so much!

  26. Katie

    The Katherine Sise necklace would be ideal for my mother as she is the kindest, most well rounded multi-tasker I know. My brother and I have certainly given her a workout and this would be the perfect, “Thank you for everything” Mother’s Day gift. Plus, I think it’s meant to be: my name is Katherine, her middle name is Catherine, and it’s a Katherine Sise necklace she’d adore!

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  28. Jennie

    I would love the Katherine Sise necklace. It is just the right size for my mom and me 😉 wink wink

  29. Jamie

    I would love to gift my Mom with that necklace (might have to even if I don’t win it!) My Mom is the rock of our family – always martyring herself out to each of our needs. She is the greatest!

  30. Angela

    I like the paper goods… Always love me some paper.

    Let’s see… Mom is an amazing and strong woman. And an amazing cancer survivor. Her positive outlook on life is contagious.

  31. Ryan - age 2

    I want to win the necklace for my mommy – she likes pretty things and this is really pretty. My mom is the best mommy in the world. She plays with me and takes me to do fun things and is very patient. I love her.

  32. Donna

    I added it to my FB page. 😉 For my own mom, I’d love the notecards for her. She likes to send people personal notes and this would be perfect for her.

    What makes my mom great: she’s always there to listen.

  33. Angela

    My mom is a blessing. We have always been close but when I became a mom I realized just how much she loved me and how lucky I was to have her. She is an amazing encourager. She always speaks positive words into my life and encourages me to reach for my dreams! I love her! I’d love the candle for my mom, she loves them!

  34. Kelly

    My mom needs more bling in her life. She’s been so busy lately prepping for a possible move, crafting for me, and helping her friends with some tough projects, I’d love to give her the gorgeous necklace to help her feel as pretty as she is:)

  35. Nicholas Andrews

    I have the most wonderful wife on earth who last September gave me the most beutiful son on earth. I know my wife would love and cherish the necklaces. My wife not only is a great mother, wife and friend, but she is also a great attorney.

  36. jessie

    Becki, Such great finds! My favorite Mother’s Day card that I ever got my mom said. Thanks Mom for never putting raisins in my cookies. I think that says it all for my mom, always looking outfor me. All that said, I would love to give my mom that beautiful necklace. 🙂

  37. beckie

    This is my first Mother’s Day, my mom has helped me out so much with my new son. I would love to give her the set from Linda & Harriet.

  38. donna

    As a Grandma for the first time this Mother’s Day I would love to win the candle for my daughter. I would love for her to relax and take a bath.

  39. Heather G.

    Ack – looks like my super long winded comment from yesterday didn’t make it…hmm. Anyways, (the short version of what I wrote yesterday…)

    My mom is amazing. Always has been, always will be. She was the most wonderful mother growing up, the mom who all my friends wished was theirs. I have a 2-year-old daughter now, and appreciate my mom more than ever as I understand what she went through and sacrificed for my brother and I.

    My mom is obsessed with lists, and has a to-do list for everything. She is insanely organized and has gorgeous handwriting. Growing up, if my brother or I would add something to the grocery list she’d re-write the whole list so the handwriting would all be the same. LOL! She’d love the stationary set, and is totally deserving!

    Thanks for a chance at this awesome giveaway!!

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