chic on the cheap: weekend casual

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i’m tiptoeing through my bookmarks this morning, and lo and behold, i came up with a bargain-full ensemble that i’m pretty excited about.  


i’ve been searching high and low for a blazer i liked that (a) wasn’t too expensive, (b) was a little bit unexpected, and (c) was the right cut for my body type.  the reality is most boyfriend blazers are just not that flattering unless you’re very petite.  they eliminate any hint of a waist or hips, and bulk up your shoulders considerably – resulting in a look popular with linebackers the world over. but this three-button twill blazer from old navy is just $25, and i think it might be perfect.  the buttons are high enough that the lapel won’t bulge if you’re well-endowed up top.  the waist is nipped in, and the length is great for layering.  plus, it’s $25.  roll up the sleeves and leave it unbuttoned to get the boyfriend blazer look without the disfiguring side effects.

i’d pair it with a classic, liberty-style floral print top – this topshop version is a great option for $50.  the floral is a great balance against the more structured jacket, and the colors blend without being sickeningly matchy.  you could also try this top from forever 21, though i’d probably go with a floral that doesn’t include yellow if you pick the yellow blazer (the seersucker would be fun, though).  

picture-112   picture-122   picture-132

pair it with one of these beautiful floral tin necklaces from the little black rabbit, which i’ve been coveting something fierce. the dogwood (right) is perfect if you’re nervous about the mix-and-match, but i love mixing florals, and this is a great, safe way to give it a try!

add all of this to your favorite denim, or an a-line or pencil skirt (royal blue would be great, as would black or white), or even a slouchy cuffed short that’s already in your closet, and you have a pretty fantastic outfit for right around $100.  not a bad shopping trip at all, i’d say!

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