the ultimate summer tote from beirn


happy friday, everyone!  in honor of mother’s day, i thought i’d take the opportunity to introduce you to one of my latest obsessions, since it happens to be from a mother-daughter design team!  

exotics are huge right now, so it’s no surprise these bold, bright totes from beirn are all the celeb rage, but i’m after them for a different reason. while most exotics will set you back thousands, rita (mom) and her daughters ali and jenna are designing these beautiful, authentic watersnake skin bags, and selling them for about $300.  leave it to a family as stylish as theirs to create the ultimate irresistible handbag!

and it is pretty irresistible, in fact.  the skins are smooth and extremely durable for snakeskin (which can be notoriously delicate).  unlike python, a watersnake is much smaller, of course, so the skins are sewn together in strips, but it’s all done in a way that enhances the design.  in the end, it works perfectly.

exotic excitement aside, they’re just great, classic tote style in a rainbow of gorgeous, deeply-saturated colors, and light as a feather!  in my book, that adds up to the ultimate summer bag.

grab styles at piperlime or at shop clothesline (more colors, but a bit pricier at $315)- or, if you’re quick, looks like there are a few at bluefly!  my favorite is the jenna bag (above) – i just love that longer, casual style right now, and that cobalt blue is seriously calling my name.

just goes to show that moms and their daughters are the perfect team, don’t you think?  happy mother’s day, everyone!

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