random rant: stella mccartney for net-a-porter


important disclaimer:  i happen to adore this t-shirt.  i’ve been obsessed with cloud prints, patterns, paintings…anything cloud-ish for as long as i can remember, and i did a little “ooh, pretty!” gasp when i saw this.  

but it’s $495.

really, stella? are we doing $500 tees now?  i guess the real question is whether we were ever doing $500 tees, but especially now, when people are being even more frugal and cautious…is anyone out there buying a $500 t-shirt?  i mean, i’m sure it’s a completely wonderful t-shirt.  i’m sure the cut is phenomenal, the cotton is organic, and the dye is made from some sort of extremely rare vegetable that stella is personally growing in her backyard, and can only be harvested using the feathers of a dodo bird or something.  so maybe, assuming that’s the case, it’s “worth” $500.  but does that mean you’d buy it?

for those of us living in the real world, i did find a few alternatives.  bop basics makes a really gorgeous burnout tee that looks amazing up close, and comes in a very appropriate sky blue color.  for the graphic element, check out this considerably more mod cloud print tee at threads for thought.  and, of course, there’s always that sweet air tee by terra which, i have to admit, i think looks more like a $500 tee than stella’s version.

my question to you is this:  is there any scenario in which you’d consider buying a $500 t-shirt?

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8 comments on “random rant: stella mccartney for net-a-porter

  1. A

    I have to say…no. I cannot imagine a scenario in which I had so much money and so did not care about the value of the things I purchased where I would buy a $500 t-shirt. It’s not as though it’s, say, a charity thing where some huge portion of the cost is going somewhere to do some good.

  2. Jamie

    Never – and anyone that says they would needs to come spend a week with me in India to have their priorities reset.

  3. carina

    ugh, absolutely not. i balk at the $150 price tags on the stella mccartney for adidas activewear line… i can appreciate superior materials and design, but $500 is ludicrous by my calculation.

  4. Jaime

    Never!! I remember about 20 years ago when a friend and I walked into Chanel on Rodeo Drive to buy makeup…which was all we could afford from Chanel at 21 years old! Anyway….as we gently peeked through the racks, I came across a t-shirt….a plain white scoop neck, looks like a mans undershirt, t-shirt…….for $250.00. What? How? I wonder how much a Chanel t-shirt costs today? It’s freaking cotton for goodness sake! Lord have Mercy!!

  5. Meagan

    I think I’d spend $500 on a bag or a piece of furniture, should I be so lucky to have that much lying around. But I don’t care how soft and organic the cotton is, I just can’t see it. I even balk at James Perse t-shirts, although I’ve heard not to knock them until I’ve tried them on…

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