designer 101: gemma redux


a few weeks ago, i spent the better part of my gossip-girl hour wishing i had a zoom lens to get a better look at the amazing necklace serena was wearing.  fortunately (thank god for the internet!), it didn’t take me long to track down the real thing.  the design was by gemma redux, and i’m now pretty thoroughly obsessed with the entire line.  

i love the fact that they combine every trend that’s hot right now, but in a completely original way – and with such intricate, unique detail that you can’t help by stare.  translation:  you’ll be wearing these pieces long after the chunky jewelry and multi-chain trends pass the rest of the world by.  or at least, i will be…if i can figure out how to add one of these beauties to my accessories drawer.  

prices range from $200-400, which is high in the world of fashion jewelry, but in the world of quality, ensemble-creating statement pieces?  a definite bargain.

check out the gemma redux site – if nothing else, it’s beautifully designed and perfect for browsing your heart out!

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3 comments on “designer 101: gemma redux

  1. Sal

    Sigh. Were I a millionaire, I’d have bought THE ENTIRE LINE by now. Maybe I can DIY up a knockoff!

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