random friday frills

it’s going to be a lazy friday, i can already tell (this could be because it’s 10:30, and i’ve only just gotten around to throwing on my yoga pants).  with the three-day weekend looming, something tells me you’re all feeling a little lazy today too…am i right?  

as a countermeasure, i thought i’d put together a few of the ultra girly things i’ve been craving this week – nothing makes me sit up straight and cross my ankles faster than a few ruffles and frills.  and hey, if you can’t live it, at least you can love it from a distance.


shopjake.com is one of my favorite fashion browsing destinations – i’m practically a groupie for their buyer.  don’t all of these frills and ruffles just make you feel warm and fuzzy?  i love the idea of wearing any of these with some distressed denim and a flat metallic sandal – just the thing for flawless summer chic, don’t you agree?


speaking of girly goodness, artist jen corace has just released a few new prints at art star.  i tweeted my favorite yesterday, but here it is again, just because i’m so, so, so in love with it.  sigh!

and last but not least, if you haven’t yet caught the anna wintour interview from 60 minutes, it’s well worth your 12 minutes.  i don’t care what the haters say, i heart vogue, and i heart anna wintour.  if you do too, i suspect you’re also going to love in vogue.  it’s a pretty fascinating look at the magazine’s history, and includes reprints of all of their best photo shoots and covers.  really stunning, and worth it for the annie leibowitz alice in wonderland shoot alone.

sigh…mission accomplished.  all of this girly-ness has me wanting to go paint my nails.  happy weekend, everyone!  i hope there is a barbecue, a beach and/or a picnic in your immediate future.

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