summer essential: the overnighter

i started digging through the dusty nether-regions of my bookmarks folder to write this, oh, maybe two hours ago.  now, i’m thoroughly bleary-eyed and exhausted, but i found what i was looking for!

in my opinion, few summer essentials are as overlooked as the overnight bag.  when the beach is the destination (or somewhere equally relaxed and inviting), i get weighed down just thinking about carting my ancient roller bag along for the ride.  there’s just something about summer travel that makes me want to throw “responsible” to the wind, and use a bag i’ll really love for my vacation.


i’ve been testing out the new patent-finish collection from lesportsac, and i’m fairly convinced this might be the most durable bag ever made.  first, it’s h-u-g-e…you’ll definitely get your carry-on max with this baby.  the straps are padded and comfy enough for even heavy loads, and lesportsac’s normally-impermeable nylon is made even more indestructible with a hearty patent coating on the exterior.  so, when that mean flight attendant insists you shove your carry-on into an overhead compartment, you won’t need to fantasize about pushing her off the plane.  if you’re classic, grab it in black, but i kind of like the posey for summer fun (better pic here).  plus it zips flat…so it doubles as a “i bought too many souvenirs” emergency stowaway.

i can’t think of a single thing by angela adams that doesn’t make me swoon with delight.  i am not at all kidding when i say it’s my dream in life to own one of her amazing rugs (later in life…when i don’t have dogs that will puke their guts out all over it).  for now, i’ll happily settle for this sweet weekend tote ($145), which reminds me of a classic ll bean tote, but so much more chic.  it’s  packed full of pockets, and made of super-durable cotton canvas (hand-printed, by the way).  doesn’t it just make you think of a summer weekend in nantucket?

and last but not least, hayden-harnett is always a classic for chic travel options (their ibiza flight tote is a legend).  i’m dying to get my hands on their new avion tote ($318).  with leather handles and a chic paule marrot fabric pattern, this one is made even more perfect by being laptop-friendly – and, while i don’t condone working on a vacation, how else are you going to get your cardio poolside?

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4 comments on “summer essential: the overnighter

  1. Sal

    I tend to overpack, so I can’t imagine putting an overnighter to good use … but that LeSportsac is making me rethink.

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