designer 101: elma blint

i came across the beautiful designs of elma blint a while back, and filed her away to share with you later.  fortunately, when i took that little wander through my bookmarks last week, i rediscovered her lovelies, and couldn’t believe i hadn’t shared her designs with you yet!


i think this leather wrap bracelet is my favorite from the collection – i want nothing more than to make this my new signature piece.  pick it up in gold or silver, in your choice of leather color and with or without a semi-precious accent stone, for $75-85.  so light and colorful, it’s perfect for summer!  i’m aching for the turquoise version above, though i have to admit the navy with that little blue stone is a very close second.


take a stroll through blint’s designs – everything is wonderfully creative, detailed, and lighthearted, and they’re definitely priced to be splurge-able!  while you’re there, don’t miss the bold sienna bracelet (i’d love to stack a few of these in different colors) and this sweet initial pendant, which i so prefer to other versions i’ve seen.

happy friday, everyone!

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