beauty buzz: no frizz by living proof

for as much time as i spend testing beauty goodies, i can tell you that the number of times i’m actually shocked by the performance of a product is small….even miniscule.  all that testing also means that i rarely stick with a new product for more than a week…there’s just always something new to check out.  so, the fact that i’m now unwilling to go a day without my “no frizz” products should tell you something.


living proof developed their silicone-free “no frizz” line based on a bunch of scientists and something called a polyfluoroester molecule that…yeah, i don’t really care about the science either.  the deal is this:  they have six products.  three will make your hair curly, and three will make your hair straight.  you choose based on the thickness of your hair:  fine/medium, medium/thick, or thick/coarse.  

my hair is the worst of both worlds – just curly enough to be annoying, and i have a lot of it.  so, when left to air-dry, things can get a bit, um, clown-wig.  or, at least, that’s how it used to be….pre-“no frizz”.  now, i’ve started acting a little superior about my suddenly well-behaved, perfect hair.  the curly version, scrunched into towel-dried hair, left me with perfect beachy waves.  the straight version, rubbed into wet hair pre-blow-dry, left me with stick-straight, frizz-free locks all day long.  how is this possible?  not really sure i care…but i am ob-sessed with these products.

if you’re somewhere between straight and curly, like me, buy a bottle of each.  trust me…it’s like the magic mushroom from alice in wonderland.  if you’re stick straight or impossibly curly, well, just buy the one that works for you.  but whatever you do, make sure you try this one out…it’s an instant addiction!  pick it up at sephora…immediately.

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3 comments on “beauty buzz: no frizz by living proof

  1. Alex/galexiegirl

    OMG (did I just say OMG? yes i did!)
    I needto rush out an pick some of this stuff up.
    I am the original Frizzy Girl. I’ve recently started straightening my hair (like, the last 2 years) not to make it stick straigh but just smoother/wavier.
    This stuff sounds brillll!!!

    thanks for sharing!

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