ethically mandatory shopping: taytu

when i spied these boho tie-dyed leather bags at barneys, i immediately thought they were the cutest thing for summer.  i love the mellow, slouchy styles, and i love that you get all of that bold color and pattern without having to resort to fabric.  plus, prices are actually quite reasonable – all are $475 or under.  and okay, so i’m totally smitten by the little girl keychain that’s attached (i was totally that girl in the 80s who just wanted a kipling bag because i liked the little monkey that came with it).

picture-16 picture-17

but then i started to read the fine print.  turns out, tatyu is an ethiopian luxury label supported by the united nations.  the bags are made by a co-op of women, and proceeds go to help patients and families dealing with AIDS.  now, i love a good excuse to spend as much as the next girl, but this actually sounds like a pretty remarkable thing.  don’t you agree?

(in unrelated news, the marc by MJ hobo i’ve been eyeing all spring is marked way, way down at barneys today.  you know, if you’re in the market for something more understated than bright yellow tie dye…)

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