random friday finds

as usual, today’s finds are a collection of the random lovelies i’ve come across in my travels this week.  happy friday, everyone!

it’s going to be a while before a $400 box to hold very tiny things is on my actual shopping list.  but this is so beautiful, i just keep going back for another peek.  by r & y augousti (of course), and constructed from vintage penshell and bronze.

my dishware fetish continues unabated, as does my love for grey/yellow color combinations.  they seem to have collided in this collection from up in the air somewhere, and i’m heartily crushing on the results.  i’m thinking my world would become so much simpler and more sophisticated if i could serve my morning juice from this pitcher and these glasses.

going through my etsy favorites can be depressing business…since most things are one-of-a-kind, it’s basically just a way of browsing all of the things i loved and missed out on buying.  so, i’m grateful for the ones that stick around.  i recently happened on lirola’s beautiful, made-to-order clothing line, and am patiently biding my time until i can indulge in the closest thing i’ll ever get to couture.

so, did you happen across anything especially lovely this week?  have a great weekend, everyone!

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2 comments on “random friday finds

  1. Meagan

    OMG, I love so many of the Lirola items! Perhaps another birthday present is in order for me 😉

  2. Sal

    I am seriously enamored of lirola’s designs. Have been for AGES. I’ve really got to pony up for one someday soon!

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