the how-to: going global

it could be that i’m suffering from summer vacation withdrawal, but lately, every accessory i fall for seems to have a global vibe.  lucky for me, it’s a hot trend this summer – after all, what goes better with cool white linen, and casual summer tee-and-tank combos than bright, bold accessories?  so, i’m free to indulge my inner “international woman of mystery” fantasy and manage to be in style at the same time.

this weekend, in the course of checking out shopbop’s beautiful new website, i started browsing for clutches.  i’ve been after a great summer clutch ever since the weather started to warm up, but now that it’s regularly hitting 90 degrees, i’m desperate.  there’s just nothing appealing about lugging a huge leather bag around when you’re hot and miserable.  noticing a little multi-cultural vibe there?  (from left to right: antik batik, $87.50; cleobella, $88; west/feren, $169.40 – all on sale!)

and, going through my “things to blog” folder, i realized the jewelry i’ve been gravitating toward lately all sort of fell into the same category.  getting the look right with jewels is simple, really – go for bright colors or loads of chunky gold, and stack ’em up.  you can find great deals on authentic pieces if you go to the original source and score some serious bargains.  that gorgeous gold multi-disc bracelet is from a site called kaneesha, an online purveyor of authentic indian clothing…and it’s only $11.  another great source, especially right now, is forever 21.  if you’d rather splurge a bit, one of the best designer options for global gems is rosena sammi – her styles are all the rage in the celeb scene right now, and with good reason – isn’t that ring stunning?

(by the way, i’m sort of ashamed to admit that that lovely green enamel bangle is actually by tori spelling for hsn ($59).  frightening, i realize…but it’s actually cute, don’t you think?!)

this look can feel a little tricky to pull off but, as with so many things, the key is not to overdo. i’d suggest focusing on one specific type of accessory: necklace, earring, handbag, bracelet.  feel free to stack up the bangles (or, for a more subtle look, just pick one striking piece), but don’t pair 20 gold bangles with the necklace, earrings and a batik-print bag.  keep it simple, and you can’t go wrong!

so, have you been embracing the global goods this summer?

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5 comments on “the how-to: going global

  1. Alex/galexiegirl

    Sometime pieces that are overtly “global” bum me out (sometimes they can seem too hippy dippy or even somewhat insincere, when its a white designer trying to get “ethnic”) but as usual my dear you have picked some AMAZING stuff! I love that you have honed in on what makes global so great….bold colors and fun bright statements. This is all super cool stuff….and hellllo, Tori Spelling??? Who knew! I love that bangle!!

  2. Sal

    I second Alex – “global” generally turns me off, but your take is beautifully subtle. Not a gold girl, but still just loving these fun and funky pieces.

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