lounging poolside: mad imports

dear readers, i truly hope that the weather wherever you are is far, far better than what i’m suffering through.  it was a ridiculous 107 degrees here yesterday.  i have no idea how people in arizona survive…i’m ready to kill someone just to usurp their air conditioning.

with the weather this impossibly miserable, i can hardly think about clothes today…all i want to do is sit in a swimming pool, being misted with evian and provided an endless supply of blended drinks.  in honor of where i wish i was this week, i thought i’d take the next few days to share a few of my beach bag favorites for the season.

for the actual bag, it has to be a tote from mad imports.  i’ve been obsessed with this brand since i discovered them this spring – their designs are so light and easy, they just might have the power to keep me cool.  for the beach, i’m dying to adopt their fetch tote.  with its loose crocheted straw and chic leather handles, i love that it’s a classic beachfront style without being gaudy or over-the-top.  plus, it’ll hold all of my books, magazines and other poolside goodies.

in a perfect world, i’ll toss their opal clutch inside to grab for my multiple trips to the bar.  it’s a little more bold than i’d typically go, but that’s what warm weather’s all about, right?  honestly, how else would you explain miami beach?

tomorrow, i’ll give you my list of summer must-reads.  you’ll love each and every one!

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