must read: the sartorialist

i’ve actually never been the biggest fan of scott schuman’s incredibly popular blog, the sartorialist.  me, i like a little more text in my daily reads (shocking, i know).  and if i’m honest, i’m often bored by the ‘street looks’ thing.  especially in this case, there just seemed to be too many looks i couldn’t wrap my mind around, or just plain hated.  which then made me feel fashion-challenged and inferior, and really, i’m not looking to get a complex from a blog.

the point (yes, there is one) is that i actually love his new book.  love it.  picked it up, leafed through every single one of its 512 pages, and have revisited it several times.  it’s a pared down version of the best and most interesting looks from his site – along with a little bit of text to explain just a few of the looks (true to form, schuman’s words are few, but well-placed).

after going through the book, i realized two things.  first, i shouldn’t have been letting his blog make me feel bad (duh).  every look is there because it’s unique and striking, not necessarily perfect (and definitely not perfect for me).  and second, i know i’m going to be turning to this book on a regular basis…in fact, i even got out my mini post-it flags to mark some of my favorites.  it’s a great place to look for ideas to update looks you’re already wearing, and to be reminded of old rules.  pairing a floral dress with a bright belt and black ankle boot is great.  but pale gold flats and a bicycle work equally well.  mixing patterns?  be bold!  tights can be transformative.  classic is always, always in style.  and, oh yes, never forget the potential of a rolled sleeve or pant cuff.

i’m probably still a little too fashion-challenged and inferior for that last one, but you never know…schuman may convince me yet!

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5 comments on “must read: the sartorialist

  1. bettie*noir

    hey there!

    it’s been a long while since i checked in. just wanted to say that i’m a bit tired of these street photos myself. although i do think that the sartorialist is by far the best. love the looks that you’ve pulled here!

    hope you’re well!

  2. karen g

    I actually really like his blog. It inspires me to be more adventurist and it also gives me proof to show my husband that I’m not completely crazy and that yes, people do wear stuff “like this”. I can’t wait to get my hands on his book.

  3. Meghan

    i should check out the book bc i totally agree with you about the blog- it’s not something im dying to check out everyday bc i too like more text, but ill check out the book for sure!

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