random friday finds: just a dash of edge

it really doesn’t take much for me to feel like i’m being “edgy.”  a bit of oxidation on a silver ring, maybe tying a scarf in a new, hip way i’ve spied over at who what wear.  the reality is that, for as much as i appreciate the edge in others (and oh, i do!) i veer so much to the preppy most of the time, it can be annoyingly predictable.  so, today’s random friday finds are my way of adding just the tiniest dash of elizabeth and james to my normal j.crew routine.

snake rings, spike rings, skull rings…i just refuse to even try to pull off the punk thing.  but this alligator is another matter entirely.  i love this alligator!  so tongue-in-cheek, with maybe the tiniest dash of edge.  perfect for a hopeless preppy like me!  by gara danielle for $126.

here’s a sweet little bargain for you – one of my favorite graphic printers, lotta jansdotter, has marked down darn near everything on her beautiful site, including this cute (ahem, edgy) little bag, which you can score for just $12.  use it as a clutch all summer, and when winter comes, it’s the perfect thing to organize all the bits and bobs that wind up rolling around in the bottom of your bag.  (note: it also comes in pink floral, but by choosing the abstract grey pattern, i think i’ve chosen the edgier option here.)

don’t hit me when we talk about hoop earrings again next week (you’re going to die over how fabulous they are!)…but in the meantime, the lovely oh joy introduced me to these brass pyramid hoops from urban outfitters.  for $7, how can i be expected to resist at least sharing them with you?  and again, just a dash of edge…but not too much.  i think i could even rock these with a cardigan!

happy friday, everyone!

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