back in (classic) black

UPDATE:  looks like you guys had quick trigger fingers today…this one’s now sold out at shopbop!  but never fear, i’ve tracked it down at piperlime…they don’t have the black, but they do have a gorgeous grey that i love just as much.

as fall draws near (hurray!), it’s finally time for me to start lusting after handbags made of lush, substantial leathers again.  after a summer full of cotton totes, i can hardly wait.

normally, the classic black bag bores me to tears…in fact, i almost never carry one.  but i’m finding myself head over heels for this slouchy chic version from twelfth st. by cynthia vincent.  it has the perfect styling of a classic tote, and the cutouts at the center give it an ideal shoulder drop (it will even work over those winter coats) that will still look stylish when hand-carried, not sloppy like most totes with a longer handle drop.  i can see it looking just as hot with a business suit as with a casual sweater-and-jeans ensemble…and, for me, that’s what makes a bag splurge-worthy.

fortunately, very minimal splurging required for this beautiful bag.  while the shape and the way the tote hangs remind me of givenchy, the price tag looks nothing like it.  $325 is a handbag bargain by most standards, but especially in my closet.

the only drawback is the lining, which i think is a little too kooky and wild for a bag with such style.  but for a bag this hip at a price this good, i’m willing to compromise.  nab it at shopbop before it makes an “editor’s pick” list somewhere and promptly sells out.

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