seeing spots, proceeding with caution

leopard print seems to be *the* accent of the season and, while i’m generally pretty frightened of the stuff, i’ve also been oddly curious.  after all, the color scheme does make up the perfect neutral, and it’s a more unexpected accent to black than red.  the trick, i think, is using just a touch.  it’s so easy to go overboard, and the distance between chic and tawdry when it comes to animal prints is distressingly short.

if i’m going to get it right this season, i think i’ll start with these leopard-print flats from ralph lauren.  the birthplace of polo is definitely not the first place i’d look for something along these lines, but i think ralph’s typical overdose of prep is the perfect solution in this case – it balances out the print, and keeps the look chic, without a trace of cheap.  a leopard heel just feels a little too….something…for me, but this sweet ballet flat should do the trick nicely.  especially for under $100.

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4 comments on “seeing spots, proceeding with caution

  1. Nic

    I love leopard print. I have several items (shoes, a circle skirt, and a bangle). The trick is not to take it too seriously, and you’re right- accessories are a great start if you’re timid. Me? I wear my skirt with a ruffled blouse. My first graders thought I looked like a “movie star.” 😉

  2. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    i’m so glad to see that you guys are embracing this trend! nic, your pieces sound fab – especially the bangle – and i love the story about your first graders. i bet you did look just like a movie star! and wendy, your designs manage to be perfectly ‘stylish with a touch of overboard’, so i know you’re rocking the leopard print with gusto!

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