do-gooder donatella

we’re doing a little good this morning, checking out these darling tote bags created by versace to benefit the starlight foundation.  they’re going on sale at gilt this morning at 9 am (pacific) for $250 each, and 100% of the proceeds go right back to starlight and to the one foundation, which is helping kids impacted by the 2008 earthquake in china.

the bags were designed by kids in need, and the results are really sweet – i particularly love those little luggage tags showing you which kid designed your bag.  i know $250 is on the high side for a tote, but these are awfully cute, i must admit.   plus, if you’re a versace lover, it’s definitely your one chance to own something with their label for $250.  and if you’re a frequent versace shopper (ahem, because i know so many of you read this blog), buying a bag gets you 20% off at the boutique through 12/1/09.

but really, it’s for charity.  so, if you’re in the market for a fun tote, or are looking for an extravagant holiday gift for a teacher in your life (how amazing would these be for a teacher?!), look no further.  check out more details here, or buy at gilt starting at 9 am (if you need an invite, just click their pic on the left side of this page)!

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