shoppingsmycardio giveaway: cozy, luxe cashmere from TDM!

this month’s giveaway, as usual, has my heart all aflutter.  i really have to stop arranging giveaways i love so much.  in fact, i had to ask the designer to hold onto the scarf and send it straight to the winner, because i just didn’t trust myself to give this beauty away!

i first spotted these gorgeous TDM design scarves at shopbop, where they were carrying some of TDM’s spring styles – bright, airy pieces in silk, bamboo and cotton that were the perfect thing for summer accessorizing.  so, being the serious investigative journalist that i am (cough!), i dug a little deeper.  and what i found, readers, was the most beautiful, luxe and cozy cashmere designs for fall, all ethically sourced and handmade by a women’s co-op in nepal.  definitely splurge-worthy!

fortunately, you won’t have to splurge this time, dear readers!  i chose my very favorite style, in my very favorite color, and TDM is giving it to one of you!

my pick is this beautiful rally scarf in royal blue cashmere.  i love the style because it’s so fun, but still wearable (even for those of you that aren’t into the more over-the-top scarf styles i love).  and that royal blue shade?  it does amazing things on literally every skin tone – trust me on this one.  it will be amazing with all of your winter coats, and so very cozy and warm!  plus, at 15×72, it’s long enough to tie any number of stylish ways, but still light and comfy to wear.  you’re starting to see why i told them not to send it to me first, right?  right.

this stunning cashmere scarf retails for $175, but one of you lucky readers gets it all to herself!  these giveaways are getting better every month, i swear!

to win, just leave a comment at the end of this post! if you share the contest on twitter, facebook, your blog, or really anywhere else of note, just leave a second comment telling me where you shared, and you’ll get a bonus entry!  entries close this thursday at midnight PST, and we’ll announce the winner friday morning.  the winner will have to email me by monday at noon PST to claim their prize, or i’ll draw a new winner on tuesday.  so, make sure you check back here friday!  oh, and you probably should be in the US, canada or europe to win this one – no extreme postage requests.

good luck, dear readers…and a huge thank you to TDM design for sharing this delicious goodie with us!  trust me, the rest of their gorgeous, luxe styles are well worth a peek.

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93 comments on “shoppingsmycardio giveaway: cozy, luxe cashmere from TDM!

  1. Serena

    This is beautiful! I can’t believe you’re giving it away, either, but thanks for sharing this with your lucky readers!

  2. Ruth B

    I am also adding this contest to my facebook page for a second entry! I think you know my where to find my FB page! 😛

  3. Shawnicy

    What a beautiful scarf!! I LOVE the color!! But even better is that it would make a great gift for my beautiful friend Donna!!

  4. Maureen

    That is the most gorgeous shade of Blue.I am sure most anyone would look fabulous with this wonderful piece on.

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  6. Clara

    The scarf looks so yummy and I’m sure feels amazing to the touch. Hoping for the chance to find out!

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