splurge-worthy? loeffler randall yvette cut-out pumps

i have to admit, i’ve been less than enthused with loeffler randall’s offerings this year.  they’re just not doing it for me like they normally do.  even this shoe, their yvette cut-out pump, just looked out of place to me when i first spotted it.  but then i saw it being worn, and i’m beginning to see the light.

i do love the tri-color, and suede is always a favorite of mine.  i’ve finally warmed to the shoe bootie, and that probably explains some of my newfound respect for this shoe.  the cutout was concerning me, but then i saw some photos of it being worn, and i actually think the cutout gives a more light, delicate look to this, which most shoe booties really, really lack.

good, right?  a vast improvement, i thought.  plus, i have to admit i’m really in love with that zipper detail on the back.

in all, they’re a major splurge at $575, but i think they’d make a pretty amazing addition to your closet – one that would stay a standout for years.

so, what do you think of these?  are they splurge-worthy to you?

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5 comments on “splurge-worthy? loeffler randall yvette cut-out pumps

  1. FaithJ

    I have one pair of Loeffler Randall shoes, and I love them. The quality is worth the price. However, I wouldn’t pay very much money for any suede footwear. Suede is so delicate, and once it’s showing wear-and-tear, they’ll never be the same again. I love the booties you’re featuring, though, and maybe if you promise to never wear them when it’s wet or even damp outside, I’ll say go for it! 🙂

  2. V

    Actually, I only like them with the tights. They look pretty chic. But I think they look terrible without (the photo in the jeans).

  3. Moonbel

    I love these. I am considering getting the black anaconda ones. How comfy are they? Anyone know?

  4. shoppingsmycardio

    moonbel, i don’t have this exact pair, but I have several by loeffler randall, and they are some of my most comfortable designer shoes. i do find that some styles run a tiny bit narrow, so you may want to try your size and a half size up, just in case.

    let us know if you get them!!

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