deal of the day: 20% off at j.crew!

i’m spending today recovering from a surprise root canal.  fun, fun!  but, even through my vicodin haze, i couldn’t keep this from you.  through tomorrow (wednesday 11/18), score 20% off on your purchase of $150 or more at j.crew with code INSIDER.  this is their best deal of the season, and the timing couldn’t be better for my wants (or worse for my wallet) – i was just going through their most recent catalog last week, and found all sorts of goodies.  a few of my favorite picks:

i know the sequin trend is nothing new, but this microsequin cardigan ($198) is the first version i’ve seen that i really loved.  definitely in the graphite…pink could get a little matronly, i think.  i love it styled with a blazer over the top, or casual with a slub tee and distressed jeans. the key is to offset the glitter with a lot of slouch and ease.

i get more compliments on my striped autumn cashmere sweater from two years ago than almost anything i own…so much so that i’ve completely conquered my fear of stripes (well, almost completely…).  this merino version ($98), with the bateau neck and those fabulous buttoned cuffs is destined for my closet as a backup option.  since i already have a navy/grey combo, i’m thinking the black/pink might be in order.

normally, i’m the world’s loudest objector when it comes to textured or patterned tights.  stick to dark, solid colors, unless you’re looking to make your legs look extra wide – which most of us aren’t.  but for some reason, these herringbone tights ($22.50) is working for me – the texture miraculously doesn’t add bulk, and they’re a little bit dressier and more interesting than your basic brown or black.

lastly, ’tis the season, after all, and i have to admit that j.crew’s gift guide is one of my favorites of the season so far.  well worth a look if you’re already feeling stumped by the holiday giving ahead.

okay, i’ll be staggering back to bed now.  but i’d love to shop vicariously through all of you.  what are your j.crew must-haves this season?

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3 comments on “deal of the day: 20% off at j.crew!

  1. a

    i am so boring – bought a new black pantsuit that was already discounted to replace the one I ruined (my very first suit!) when I tripped and fell in the street, and the lady day coat in wild blackberry, because I need another coat like I need another hole in my head.

  2. Sarah H.

    Haha. I am boring and bought a suit too. BUT, I am very excited because it is a dark gray skirt suit and it was already on sale, so I got the whole suit for like $205. I wish I could buy pants online, but I really never now how they are going to fit.

  3. shoppingsmycardio

    you’re both so responsible! I wanted that striped sweater but it sold out – grr. but A, we’re coat twins again – I went for purple this year too!

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