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can you believe i’ve been so busy shopping today, i completely forgot to blog? i know, the irony! but i got the word that my mom-in-law is ready to start her holiday buying, and hanukkah starts especially early this year (12/11). translation: time to update those amazon wish lists, stat.

high on my list is a pair of simple, classic silver earrings in a shape other than round. i have a few options in gold, which is usually my metal of choice. but i definitely need a silver style in my accessory arsenal. i thought i’d share a couple of my favorite finds of late, all incredibly budget-friendly (you know, just in case the hubs is watching…).

Picture 3

my top choice are these pyramid stud earrings from giles and brother ($65). aren’t they darling? i first fell for these early in the fall, in gold. but now that i’ve seen them in silver, i’m head over heels. i love the way they’ve oxidized these just perfectly, so that you can see the detail enough to tell they’re actual pyramids, not just punk-style studs.

these hammered bar stud earrings are as classic as it gets, and the $70 pricetag is might tempting as well. they come in both a shiny and oxidized silver, which is a nice benefit (personally, i like the shiny version). these are so much more interesting than a classic round stud, and give you a bit of shine without being at all obvious.

Picture 2

not technically a stud, but i love these oat leaf earrings by annette ferdinandsen ($80) just the same. once again, i like that these are small without being precious, and the gold wires are a beautiful touch, and make these look considerably more luxe than their pricetag suggests. these would be a great addition to a casual ensemble (the style in which i spend the vast majority of my time), and provide just enough interest, without overwhelming a thing.

those are my top three for the moment…what do you all think?

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