for the christmas-loving kitchen queen

i just couldn’t bring myself to say “domestic diva.”  that aside, for the girl in your life who loves to host holidays, can’t wait to make up a batch of christmas fudge, and is always, always the one inviting you over for dinner parties, nigella christmas is an absolutely perfect fit.

if you’re not familiar, nigella is sort of the anti-martha stewart.  she’s all about shortcuts, simplification, and generally making it fun and easy to entertain.  while i’m always a fan, this book is possibly my favorite of hers.  sure, the recipes are amazing (try the pomegranate cabbage), but this book is so much more than that.

in the first third of the book, she gives readers a series of easy holiday entertaining dinners, complete with make-ahead side dishes and at least 20 different cocktails, then moves ahead to a special section on a christmas feast.  she includes recipes for a few showstopping main courses, loads of sides, and her tips and tricks for hosting a fabulous, low-stress holiday (my favorite:  invite strangers to ensure your family stays on its best behavior!).  best of all, she’s compiled a flawless timeline/checklist to allow you to be perfectly organized and pulled together without a single hair out of place.

and then there’s the last third of the book, which is totally dedicated to desserts.  as it’s a holiday cookbook, i wouldn’t have it any other way.

grab a copy (or two) and have it on hand as a hostess gift, or as a gift for that girl in your office that never fails to bring homemade christmas cookies to work every year.  also great for someone who’s finally decided to bite the bullet and host their first holiday, and is utterly terrified (not that i’m naming names…).  wrap it up with a wooden spoon tied into the bow (cooks can always use another), and you’re set!

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