for daddy dearest (and those like him)

i got some requests for guy gifts over the weekend and, i agree – they’re trouble when it comes to gifting.  with my hubs, it’s all feast or famine – either i’m filled with great ideas, or i’m desperately without.  fortunately this year, i have a few extras worth sharing.  like, say, this robot:

when i first spotted the tank robot clock ($45), i thought it would be perfect for my gadget/tech-crazed hubs.  but his response was less than inspiring (“so, all he does is tell the time?”).  okay…glad i didn’t order it for you, honey.

so, i now think this robot is better-suited for the guy who dabbles in gadgets, not the guy who’s entirely, obsessively, all-consumed with them (ahem.).  or for a guy with a sense of humor who needs a cool desk clock (perhaps even an especially hip boss).  but personally, i’m calling this one a perfect dad gift.  it feels fun and modern, but has a touch of nostalgia too – like a robot toy he would have played with as a kid.  and it has nothing to do with golf…always a plus with dad gifts in my book.

this might also make a good brother gift – it’s a nice nod to all those years you spent breaking his toys (or was it the other way around?), but a solid step up from replacing his demolished he-man action figure.

(by the way, little tip…the entire perpetual kid website is a fab spot for boy gifts.  give it a browse!)

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