for your (less annoying) co-workers

i just can’t seem to get enough of linda & harriett’s products. they’re fun, cheeky, well-made…really, what’s not to love?  but this year, they’ve put together a gift set so sweet, i’d be content to gift this to just about everyone i know.

for $50, linda & harriett’s new holiday gift set includes their fabulous letterpress calendar, a notepad, and a box of letterpress cards, all tucked into their ridiculously cute moose gift bag.  plus (how cool is this?!), the letterpressed images on the calendar actually detach into mailable postcards, so you can send them out once the month is over.  after spending the last several years hoarding calendars that were too pretty to toss, this makes me a very happy girl.

(can’t resist showing you the cuteness of the calendar too…love!!)

personally, i plan to have several of these on hand this holiday, as they may be the perfect last-minute gift.  they’d be perfect for a party hostess, a mom…anyone, really.  but the selfish being in me says this gift is tailor-made for your assistant or co-worker.  you’ll have a pretty calendar to look at whenever you walk past her desk, and her notes to you will now arrive on chic zigzag or cheeky alligator-festooned sheets.  so much better than those tired yellow post-its, right?

oh!  and, just got word that you can score 15% off your order through 12/15 with code JOLLY at checkout, which means i’ll be adding some adorable “get jolly” moose cards and a set of ski sweater gift tags to my order.

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