for someone exactly like me

as long as we’re talking about my well-documented love for gemma redux, i thought i’d share a little something i’m positively dying to find under my tree this holiday.  these blue agate earrings have had a place in my heart for months now…while some women fantasize about daniel craig (a link well worth clicking, by the way), i fantasize about how and where i’d wear these beauties, and all the people that would stop me on the street to admire them.

aren’t they fantastic?!   sadly, the hubs has already nixed these from my list, so i’m stuck relying on santa for this one.  they’re a little indulgent at $215, but what are the holidays for if not a little indulgence?

santa, if you’re listening…i’m prepared to bargain!

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2 comments on “for someone exactly like me

  1. Teddi Lee

    OMG! These are so fantastic! They just got emailed to my santa, hopefully he can take a not so subtle hint. Thank you!

  2. Nic

    These are lovely! Maybe you can get something similar custom made (etsy?). I’d love to see this style in garnet or lemon quartz… yummm.

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