last-minute for the guy who shaves

men are such tricky people to shop for, aren’t they?  we want to get them clothes, and they want video games.  it’s a dilemma for the ages.  but there is one thing i think most men enjoy receiving more than they’ll readily admit, and it’s high quality shaving products.  it’s something they’ll never, ever buy for themselves, but honestly, a great shave can be life-altering (or so i’m told).

origins-Mans Best Friend

i know it feels a little metro to get a guy face products.  but i’ve gotten calls months after the holidays from the (extremely un-metro) men in my life, asking me where i bought “that shaving stuff you got me for christmas”, so they could restock.  i’ve visited their homes and found the bottles, all but empty, strewn around their bathrooms.  they might not squeal with delight on christmas morning, but they’ll use it, and they’ll love it.  really.

my pick this year is the “man’s best friends” set from origins ($37.50).  it’s not complicated, which is key – i don’t think most men are up for a five-step facial program.  just two products (you get a full-size and trial size of each): a shave cream and an after-shave skin soother.  the scent is utterly inoffensive (mostly peppermint and eucalyptus).  and it seems to make my hubs’ skin quite happy.  that’s really about it for the list of “musts” when it comes to men’s products.

oh yeah, this one’s also very last-minute-gift friendly – pick it up at any origins counter, but you can also score free shipping online (through today only) on

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