be&d is scratching my “new bag” itch

when i first started seeing be&d handbags everywhere a couple of years ago, i didn’t really warm to their style.  they were a little too hip, maybe just too young for me – lots of ruffles and studs.  but i took a second look recently, and it looks like the line has grown up just a smidge (or perhaps i’m getting younger? no, probably not).  whatever the case, they’re still beloved by the gossip girl set, but they’ve finally captured my heart as well.

i mean, really, how could i not fall head over heels for this:

(supersize photo used to emphasize the utter fabulousness)

it’s be&d’s woodstock hobo in washed green…sigh!  i get a pretty serious “new bag itch” about twice a year, and haven’t been able to find a single thing to sate my urges.  but i think this little baby may just have been what i was holding out for.  at $995, it’s definitely a splurge, but oh, the loveliness.  and for dear reader melissa w, who mentioned she was searching for a new neutral…may i suggest a nice bright green?

i am a teensy bit worried about functionality because of that studded strap at the top opening…but then i look at that lovely smooshy leather and bold color, and i’m not sure i care about functionality. (EDIT: found some interior pics, and that strap is strictly decorative! simple magnetic closure, hurrah!)

i’ll be hoping and praying for a sale on this stunner…and you’ll be the first to know when it happens (well, right after i snag mine!).  and heads-up:  i also got a little sneak peek at their upcoming spring/summer collection and there are even more lovely, slightly more grown-up, styles to fall for (er, spring for?).  in any event, i promise to keep you posted!

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