not your dad’s ll bean

yeah, i can’t quite believe it either.  but as strange as it sounds, i’ve been excited about the launch of ll bean’s new venture since i first heard about it months ago.  they’re calling it their “signature” line, and i’m hoping it will be a better-tailored, slightly more hip reinterpretation of their best ideas.  it’s still top secret, but i have visions of cropped field jackets, fitted flannels and the perfect striped cashmere sweater dancing in my head.  that could all just be wishful thinking, of course, but they’ve released a couple of preview pieces that have left me optimistic:

this classic leather tote looks like something your favorite writer would carry, or maybe something you inherited from a very stylish dad.  it’s perfect for work, travel, magazines, knitting…anything, really…and you can just tell it will get even better with age.

ooh, and it looks like they just launched a slideshow on the new site that’s equally hope-inspiring.

check out that chambray shirtdress…definite potential, don’t you think?  (i can’t quite believe that chambray is back…am i the only one with serious chambray memories from junior high?)

anyway, until the full line launches, you can grab that luxe leather tote for $189 on the new ll bean signature website, and then hold your breath along with me for the launch of the full line in march.

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