valentines worth hearting: for her

i happen to love valentine’s day…i loved it when i was single, and i love it still. i used to get so excited about making those valentine boxes to house all of the goodies kids passed around to each other on valentine’s day, and the valentine selection process at the grocery store every year was serious business.

that said, the holiday gets a pretty bad rap from grownups, singles and couples alike, and i do sort of hate what it morphs into once you’re an adult.  no one wants romance forced down their throat.  but i suggest a little change of outlook:  consider it a reminder to tell someone – a friend, a mom or a significant other – that you love them and can’t live without them.

i tend toward small, sweet and simple for valentine’s day, and when i doubt, i go full-blown corny – if you can’t romance them, at least you can entertain them.  that said, i rarely go overboard, and while i wouldn’t turn down an overboard gift (hi honey!), i never expect one.  just something simple that shows you’re thinking of the one you love.

today, it’s all about her…we’ll tackle the boys tomorrow (don’t worry, they’re easier to buy for locally).

jonathan adler heart pill case keychain: my love for mr. adler knows no bounds, and i simply must have this little heart pill case for my key ring.  the front is pink, the back is orange, and the inside is bright yellow…it’s just the thing to house my happy pills (er, tylenol?).  and at $24, it’s the perfect bargain valentine.  just, please, be smart and tuck a little love note (or, you know, diamond earrings) inside.

christine mignon rose gold hearts:  these sweet studs would certainly steal my heart away…and i’m sure they’d fare as well for just about any girl i know.  such a perfect valentine for a wife, of course, but what about a sister or a BFF?  divine.  $150 from the always-lovely christine mighion, and they’re eco-friendly besides.

whitney smith cupcake stand:  for the more creative guys, this might just the ultimate in sweet and thoughtful (ie, guaranteed to net you serious bonus points).  pick up one of these adorable cupcake stands ($72) handmade by whitney smith, and fill it with – you guessed it – one of her favorite cupcakes.  unveil on valentine’s day, and stand back to reap your rewards.

armani dolci truffles: i was skeptical when i heard armani‘s latest venture was dessert.  after all, couture and chocolate aren’t exactly a traditional pairing.  but girls, i got to test these out, and hoo boy…mr. armani knows his sugar.  they’re utterly gorgeous (right down to the red silk packaging), unbelievably delicious, and they’ll be glad to ship anything your heart desires from their NYC flagship store, which you can reach at 212.339.5950. pricing starts at $35 for that lovely box of 16 truffles.

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