victorian perfection from joya

i fell hard for these beautiful necklaces when they first appeared in my inbox a few months back.  sadly, i wasn’t quick enough the first time around, and they sold out at anthropologie in mere moments.  a collaboration between joya (one of my absolute favorite perfumers) and a hip design shop called vane, they can be worn several ways (thanks to the long, multi-chain detail), but – even better – each is actually a locket that contains a decadent solid perfume fragrance.

fortunately, my tardiness is being excused: my dear friends over at joya have let me know that they’re now available at joya’s website, which excites me to no end.  at $80 each, these are definitely an affordable splurge…the only problem now is choosing which version i love best.  i’m not a spider girl, but it’s a very, very tough call between the cameo and that big gold orb.  with victorian jewelry so in this year, i’m sorely tempted by both.

i’ve only been able to check out the scent for the cameo (okay, so i tackled a salesgirl at anthro last week when i spied her wearing one. “can i smell your necklace”…definitely not a phrase i use often), but it’s divine.  it’s called ambrosia and, true to its name, it’s packed with orange, coconut, vanilla and cinnamon – perfect for a light spring day!  if you’re more of a complex floral girl, i suspect you’ll fall for the orb’s “potion” scent, with notes of lotus, lavender, and amber.

sigh…could i possibly just have one of each?

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