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as some of you know, i’ve been in that ‘new bag’ state of mind for the last few months.  one of the curses of writing a style blog is information overload – when i decide i want a new bag, i start looking through literally hundreds of designers, department stores, boutiques…it’s exhausting!

but then, suddenly, i’ll come across something that i just know is perfect – it just snaps into place.  and i think, dear readers, the ‘snap’ for this latest bag itch has come from a brand new line called romygold, which launched just this month.  personally, i’m partial to the biker slash collection, if only because it’s utterly unlike anything else out there right now.

aren’t they pretty?  while i love them all, that slashed tote on the left is definitely calling my name – i think i’ve found my new bag.  in black, it’s the perfect tough counterpoint to all of spring’s sweet florals and tiered miniskirts, but it’s so much more subtle than all of those studs out there!

Picture 3

though i love the tote best, the messenger and micro mini are fabulous too. i’d love to see the messenger as a work tote for someone with a less conservative job, and the micro mini is a great, slightly tough version of the tiny crossbody bags we’re seeing everywhere, which can get a bit too sweet for my taste.

you can check out the full collection on romygold’s new site – and, best of all, prices are definitely in the attainable range, running from $275 up to $695.  my biker tote is $475…a little more than i was hoping to spend, but you never know when the handbag fairy will show up (fingers crossed)!

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4 comments on “new on the scene: romygold

  1. Leigh

    As someone who is also itching for a new bag…if you combed through hundreds of sites, it would be awesome to see a round-up of some of your favorite bags from a variety of sites (and with a variety of prices – there’s no way I can spend $275 on a bag and still take care of groceries, rent, and my Kindle habit). At the moment I’ve been using a basic messenger bag from Brooklyn Industries, but I’d love to see something fun for the summer!

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