liberty of london + target = love!

i literally can. not. wait. for the liberty of london/target collaboration to hit stores this sunday (3/14).  as in, i start bouncing up and down in my chair if i think about it too much.  yep, my husband is about to be living in a sea of chic, kitschy floral…and you know, i have not a smidge of guilt!

for those that aren’t familiar, liberty of london is an amazing, iconic department store based in (surprise) london.  they’re best known for their stunning textiles, especially their signature bold florals.  for their collaboration with target, they’ve lent their signature patterns to everything from lingerie to teacups…and i’m thinking i’ll need (at least) one of nearly everything in the collection.

to tide me over until sunday, i thought i’d share a little sneak peek of my favorite pieces from the collection:

(all photos graciously provided by target corp)

yes, the shopping list is long, i realize…fortunately, nearly everything in the collection tops out at about $50, and most is much, much less than that.  so really, my hubs should be thrilled i’m saving him so much money.  right?

see you at target this sunday!

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4 comments on “liberty of london + target = love!

  1. Kristina

    Just found your blog courtesy of TDO this morning and loving it! I’ve been seeing this collection in mags for what seems like forever and I can’t wait. Good luck with the hubby – the whole concept of “saving money while spending money” is completely lost on my husband. 🙂

  2. Meagan

    I can’t wait to pick up some fun ties for my honey. I love liberty fabrics–have scraps of some that I’m trying to decide what to make with… The boxes suggest maybe I should make fabric-covered notebooks for gifts… Hopefully the crowds in AL don’t know about the unveiling!

  3. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    welcome, kristina! and i hear you about convincing the hubs…he doesn’t quite understand my ‘shopping math’ either 🙂

    meagan…i may be hitting you up to send me pieces – i’m guessing the AL targets will be much less picked-over!

  4. michelle@bluemoss

    went to 2 targets in my city and neither had any of the men’s things… 🙁
    but i did manage to save my husband some money on a cotton shirt dress and scarf 🙂
    thinking i need to go back for some of the cool paper things, too

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