beauty buzz: relastin eye silk

ever on the lookout for that elusively perfect eye cream, i test more than my fair share.  but when relastin’s eye silk arrived, i had to stop and take note.

i requested this one initially because it received the editors’ beauty award for best eye cream from allure magazine for the third year straight.  i figured there must be something good going on there.  but even if it didn’t do a thing for my eyes, i was utterly fascinated by it from my first use.  the texture is crazy unique:  it literally does feel like silk!  it comes out of the pump looking sort of like a cream/gel hybrid, but on contact, it warms and softens and disappears almost instantly into your skin.  i actually ran out and forced some onto my hubs’ hand the moment i tried it, yelling “you have to feel this!”  (i know, he should be the one with a blog. all about his bat crazy wife.)

anyway. cool science special effects notwithstanding, i can also say i think this has done a great job of keeping fine lines at bay, and generally keeping my eye area happy. also, i love that i can put it on and there’s no feeling of eye cream under my eyes, as with most other products.  i haven’t noticed huge changes on the dark circle front, but i’m starting to believe my aesthetician’s claim that they’re genetic, so i’m essentially hosed.

if you’re intrigued, it will set you back $69 (though it’s a relatively large bottle, and will last you at least six months).  and i did track down a 20% off code for you at – use SPRING20 when you order.  hey, every little bit helps!

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4 comments on “beauty buzz: relastin eye silk

  1. Sue

    Hate to side with the bad news, but there is no cream that will really do anything about dark circles. I have had them since my teens, it comes along with being quite pale. Best coverup is Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE ÉCLAT Radiant Touch, hands down. Worth the price. (Don’t get the lightest shade as it will look chalky)

  2. Rosie Campbell

    I’ve been using relastin for about a year, and I love it. The texture is wonderful! I’ll take all the help I can get and it seems to be working. Love your blog!

  3. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    sue…as a famous best friend once said, “you’re right, you’re right, i know you’re right.” but the truth still hurts! i’m definitely going to try out that concealer, though…thanks for the tip!!

    rosie, glad you’re as hooked on the crazy texture of this stuff as i am. thanks for saying hi!

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