random friday finds

i’m resurrecting this end-of-the-week mishmash of my latest favorite things…but i think we need a better title, don’t you?  suggestions?

to start, i can’t forget to tell all of you that bloomingdales is having its annual friends & family sale through sunday 3/28.  you can nab 20% off just about everything with code BFF.  there are just too many finds to post, but trust me…it’s worth a look!

british chef jamie oliver makes my favorites list this week not just because i have a huge tv crush on him (and i do).  it’s partially because of his new cookbook, jamie’s food revolution, which is full of some great recipes that are easy and fast, including loads of excellent curry recipes, which are hard to come by.  but also, my tv crush is coming back to tv!  he has a new show coming on that starts tonight on abc, and i can’t wait!

speaking of crushes, i have an official crush on this dress by eskell (courtesy of the always-enticing le train bleu):

normally, i am thoroughly unenthused by warm-weather attire.  but this dress is utter perfection. for those of you dying to try the bold layering/color contrasting trends that are so hot this spring, this dress is a foolproof way to go about it.  it would so easily go from office to weekend with just a change of shoes, and it has the most flattering cut i could imagine!

i’m almost embarrassed to show you this scarf by yigal azrouel, because it is so hideously expensive ($380.  i know, i know.):

but then, it’s soooo beautiful, how could i not share?  oh scarf, the lovely things i could do with you…all my jeans and tees would suddenly be chic and perfect. (and by the way, yes, the expression on that model’s face does make you think that maybe you accidentally slept with her boyfriend.)

as penance for making you lust after a $400 scarf, i’m going to show you my favorite bag for the summer (ahem…well, so far, at least), which happens to be an utter steal.

i love everything about this bag from mothology – the rough cotton/hemp cloth, the nautical french stripe, the leather handle…it’s total warm-weather perfection, and it’s only $82.  it reminds me of something elegant ladies would carry to the seashore.

have a fabulous weekend, all!

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3 comments on “random friday finds

  1. Meghan

    I have the Food Revolution cook book – it is actually my life and I definitely recommend it. I cook out of it at least once a week. It is super easy and I love how there are a ton of recipes for two people, because I’m a student and hardly ever cook for more than one. Allows for lots of leftovers 🙂

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