random friday finds: over the top

i didn’t actually plan it this way, but i must be in an extreme sort of mood, because if there’s a common thread to this week’s friday finds, it’s some seriously over the top style.

for those that are a fan of todd selby’s photography and/or his blog, you’re going to be thrilled to know that his book launched this week.

the selby is in your place is packed with photos from the homes, studios and offices of some seriously cool people, including karl lagerfeld, simon doonan & jonathan adler, and erin wasson.  to be honest, selby’s style is a bit much for me sometimes…he seems to seek out the crazy, even slightly creepy, in everything he shoots (see his shoot of the explorers’ club for some seriously crazy photos of dead animals).  but he struck a nice balance with the book, adding in a few more mainstream images to make it appeal to a wider, less artsy group.  if nothing else, the new book is worth it for the shots of lagerfeld’s studio alone, which are completely fantastic.

speaking of completely fantastic, every time i think i’m finally over studs, something comes along to make me fall all over again.  and lately, whenever that “something” comes along, it’s from be & d.  like, for example, their memphis studded flat in this gorgeous citrus hue.

i love that, from the front, they’re as conservative as can be, but when you turn to walk away, that studded cuff on the back makes you an instant badass!  so perfect to add some edge to a skinny jean or legging, and i’d love to see them toughen up a pair of silk shorts when the weather gets warm.

and i know it’s a little random – i think jane and judy aldridge are rubbing off on me – but i’m finding myself jonesing for a completely over-the-top pendant necklace.  something like, say, a giant elk head.

laugh, but then think about it with a slouchy tank top (this one springs to mind), blazer, cutoff shorts and tights.  and maybe those be & d shoes.  i’m feeling it.  especially for $8, i think it’s worth a shot.

happy friday, everyone…have a great weekend!

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One thought on “random friday finds: over the top

  1. Katie Stephenson

    Oh my goodness, I love the Selby and I did NOT know there was a book coming out. I agree some of the spaces are a bit much for my liking but I still adore being a bit of a voyeur and peeking, just the same.

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