a leap of faith: happy four years!

wow. honestly, i haven’t quite known what to do about shoppingsmycardio hitting the big oh-four.  i mean, how do you celebrate a virtual milestone?  but it’s true…well, technically, i started blogging on 06.06.06 (which is weird on so many levels), but celebrating on sunday would have been no fun, as most of you are weekday readers.

four years ago, my darling hubs told me (ever so sweetly) to stop prattling on and on to him about all of the things i bought, planned to buy, couldn’t believe i wasn’t buying when it was such a steal, and knew i could never afford but coveted from afar.  he suggested instead that i share my retail obsession with a wider (and more interested) audience.  and i listened.

to celebrate, i thought about organizing a big massive giveaway.  but then it turned out i had to move, which translated into every ounce of my energy being consumed by that.  i’m still planning a truly fabulous giveaway later this summer, though – you dear readers definitely deserve a birthday gift!

other than “holy hell, that’s a lot of retail therapy,” i honestly don’t know what to say, other than this:  thank you! yes, you.  a great big, bear hug thank you to you from the bottom of my shopaholic heart.  for reading, for sticking around, for telling your friends, for commenting to let me know you’re out there, and for letting me shop with you most every day.  it’s been a sweet four years, and i can’t wait to see what happens next!


(ps…i searched for an hour to find the perfect photo for this post, but it was all worth it when this beautiful shot from claire bears on flickr popped up.  you should totally check out her entire flickr stream, as it’s utterly beautiful.)

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3 comments on “a leap of faith: happy four years!

  1. Kendra

    Congrats and thank you, and thanks to your hubs from your grateful readers! Wishing you all the best for the next four years, and the next four, and the next…. 🙂

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