friday finds: my summer closet

this week’s finds are as random as they come, but they’re all things i’ve fallen hard for in the last few days.  fortunately, there’s only one budget-busting splurge in the mix, and i’ve included a pretty serious steal to make up for it!

at first, i wasn’t enthralled with the fenton/fallon collection for j.crew…once again, i’m just not cool enough.  but the more i see of this bracelet (it’s been circling blogland something fierce this week), the more i want it.  i love the idea of pairing it with a grey burnout tank, the perfect cutoff shorts, and flip flops…a single decadent accent to the ultimate lazy summer outfit.

i spent the week debating exactly how many things i had to have from madewell’s new site.  their striped espadrilles didn’t make the cut…straw shoes fade and die so quickly, i couldn’t bear to spend $50. fortunately, anne at city sage and the stylish ladies at blue moss both noticed these chic stand-ins from target – for $16, thank you very much.  i snapped them up instantly.

(incidentally, speaking of cheap summer shoes, i’m digging these retro huraches too…and at $15, i may even be able to justify reliving that trend.)

of course, for every steal, there must be a contrasting splurge, or my superficial little shopping world would just implode.  smythe’s linen military jacket would blow my entire summer wardrobe budget at $650, but i also think i’d wear it just about every day, and well into fall, as this military trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

sigh.  heartbreakingly perfect, isn’t it?

with that, happy weekend everyone!

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One thought on “friday finds: my summer closet

  1. michelle bombet minch

    I was lucky enough to find your blog! I’m so enjoying it and love the name you chose. I’m right here in PDX (where it is finally summer!!) and I’ve sent the link to my sister down in Louisiana (where it’s been summer for over a month). My mom passed down to us a shopping obsession! BTW, I sent you an email with a tip on a new shop!

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