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all month, i’ve been trying to trick my brain into thinking it’s summer.  i’ve heard tell the sun is shining everywhere else in the world, though the rain and clouds in portland just. won’t. stop.  thankfully, i have some new goodies to give me the illusion we’re in the midst of a heat wave.

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first up is skyn iceland, whose products are destined to be my summer staples.  all of their products have this tingly cooling sensation when you use them, so they instantly whisk sweat, humidity and the general yuck of even the worst heat wave from your mind.

i’ve fallen hard for their glacial cleansing cloths ($15), which are just vastly superior to anything like it i’ve ever tried (and i’ve tried a few).  they remove positively everything from my face at the end of the day, with no residue, no breakouts, and just the right amount of exfoliation. they’re the only thing i’ve found that actually makes a good stand-in for my favorite cleanser** when i’m just too tired to think about the whole before-bed-face-cleansing ordeal.

but my favorite right now has to be their mineral sunscreen + moisturizer, antidote ($55).  i can’t even explain how much i love this…the cooling thing that it does to your skin is straight out of a noxzema commercial (and lasts for hours), and it leaves just the right amount of moisture on my poor tired face in the morning.  plus, the mineral-based sunscreen means it lasts longer and doesn’t have any of the chemicals that sometimes scare me…but magically, it doesn’t leave that weird white residue that most mineral sunscreens do.  it’s just genius, and if we ever get an actual heat wave here in stumptown, you’re going to have to fight me for the last bottle at sephora.

**i starred that because i was planning to link to my review of caudalie’s instant foaming cleanser ($26), which i love beyond all reason.  but after a quick search, i realized i may have actually not told you about this amazing stuff?  is it possible?  honestly, what can i say about cleanser…but this one is seriously the absolute, hands-down best of the best. it leaves my face utterly bare and utterly happy – no dryness, no oil, just clean.  it’s one of about three products i use that can inspire actual panic if i run out.  get it.

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