shoppingsmycardio’s summer giveaway: hi, friend!

{this giveaway is now closed!! our winner was announced right here. thanks for stopping by!}

i have been so excited about this giveaway, it’s been nearly impossible to keep it under my hat.  and now, finally, the time has come to introduce you all to hi, friend design!  started by a pair of extremely talented ladies, this is hands-down my new favorite line of stationery. beautiful, chic, creative and unbelievably well-priced…what more could i ask?

hi, friend specializes in semi-custom (and incredibly affordable) wedding and shower invitations, and honestly, if you know someone getting married, i can’t say enough about how gorgeous they are.

but, well, i’ve already been down that road.  so for me, i’m in it for hi, friend‘s sometimes cheeky, always stylish cards that are absolutely perfect for any occasion at all.

Picture 9

(clearly, i should have asked the talented ladies of hi, friend to help with the graphic for this giveaway. polyvore is just not my friend.)

there literally isn’t a single card in their line that i’m not dying to send to someone i know.  i mean, a flamingo silhouette with a “don’t be tacky” tagline?  or a barbecue proclaiming your friend “a rare one”?  it’s pun-ny perfection for my ultra-corny sense of humor.  and their personalized notecards are so chic, i’m literally looking for excuses to send cards to people, just so i can show them off.

with that, on to the giveaway! one of you lucky, lucky readers (oh, how i envy you) will be taking home a huge gift package that hi, friend is customizing just for us:  a year’s worth of stationery! the winner of this fabulous giveaway will get:  two of each silhouette card at hi, friend (22 in all), a set of 24 custom personalized note cards, a pack of their picture-perfect wine gift bags, and topped off with a completely darling to-do notepad!  in other words, you’ll be spared an entire year of emergency trips to hallmark, and you’ll be forever more known as that friend who always sends the perfect card.  not bad at all, i think.

to win, all you have to do is go take a peek at hi, friend‘s website, and leave a comment here telling us whether you think your style fits their “modern girl”, “vintage girl”, or “classic girl” (personally, i think i’m a little bit of each).  and, as always, nab a bonus entry if you post about the giveaway on twitter (@shoppingscardio and @hifrienddesign), on facebook, on your blog, or whatever else you can think of (town crier, perhaps?). just be sure to let me know how you shared: leave a second comment here to get your bonus entry.

you have until monday (7/19) at noon PDT to enter, and we’ll announce a winner then.  so get those entries in soon!  and a huge, huge thanks to hi, friend for coming up with this fantastic package just for us!

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82 comments on “shoppingsmycardio’s summer giveaway: hi, friend!

  1. Jenn

    I would consider myself a vintage girl, with hints of modern thrown in for a twist! What a great giveaway…would definitely be a step up from my hallmark collection!

  2. Leigh

    The modern line is adorable, but it’s the vintage line that really called out to me. Beautiful! Thanks for pointing out such a great line – I’m tempted to pick up a few things now!

  3. Meagan

    And now all my twitter friends know about this and hopefully ONE of us will win this 😉

  4. Cami

    i think i’m a little bit of all three too… but if i had to pick one, i’d go with modern! ahhh i love paper 🙂 and hi friend!

  5. Tricia

    While I absolutely ADORE the bicycle in the vintage collection, I’m a modern gal at heart. (You can take the girl out of the city. . . )

  6. Daci

    Ummm.. all of the above?! Everything is absolutely adorable. I guess if I had to choose, I’d say modern girl — but those vintage background initial cards are a close second!

  7. Teddi

    um… can I be vintage and modern?? I love them! I am a total paper freak, and I just found my new obsession. Thank you!

  8. Melissa W.

    I shared the post in Reader… trying to mix it up a bit but that goes to Buzz too.

    My only suggestion is that they switch in a different signature cocktail for the Classic girl. Maybe I’m biased against the cosmo but a martini or gimlet seems much more appropriate.

  9. Janae Aasen

    I am a bit of all three! But lean a little more towards the vintage side. These designs are amazing!! Thanks for the great write up about them!

  10. Kendra

    I am love, love, loving the silhouette cards! So I’ve got to go with Modern. But I can think of friends that I’d love to send cards to from each collection! Thanks for sharing this site with us!

  11. Leah Smith

    What you do with vintage is pure genius. Your style is all that and a glass of Pinot Noir on the side. Copying is the ultimate form of flattery and I definitely long to copy your style.
    I am fond of all the lines, but adore the vintage throw backs.
    I have always been known for loving snail mail and I keep the USPS in business.
    Pick me! Pick me!

  12. Amy W

    I like both the classic and the modern, but I think I’m a little more of the modern girl, they’re just so funny but simple. I love it!

  13. Lindsay B

    I’m definitely the vintage girl; always looking for authentic deals that add to the comfortable style to my wardrobe. So much to say about great and timeless design.
    Way to go ladies are making such simple way to shop!

  14. Kristina

    I think I lean more towards “Classic”!

    I really want that “you’re a hot mess” wine gift bag. And the “dear” card. I know exactly who those would go to!

  15. Grace

    I’m a little pit of a mix of “modern” and “classic”…which seems to be rare in Portland which is a city full of “vintage” girls

  16. Melissa Tomeoni

    I’ve got a little of each but gravitate towards modern girl. I love their stationary and have one of the notepads on my fridge right now!

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  18. Lindsey

    I think I am mostly the classic girl, but also a bit of the modern girl! I love the stationary, I’m such a fan generally!

  19. Catherine

    Thanks for introducing this fabulous line! I’m always looking for great stationary. If forced to pick one, I’d go for the classic, but the modern one is so much fun too!

  20. Hillary

    This is a great line! I think that I am a mix between the vintage girl and the casual girl, depends on the day! However, the modern girl cards are irresistible as well. The whole line is fabulous, let’s be honest.

  21. Shirlene

    This stationery is great. In fact, I just ordered invites for a bridal shower. I am struggling between the modern and vintage, but if I have to choose it would be the vintage line.

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  23. Jennie

    I am a vintage-classic amalgamation…though this was a hard one to determine since I have a dollop of modern in me as well.

  24. Amy Wolff

    I’m classic girl! FOR SURE. Love Hi, friend designs!!!! They made GORGEOUS baby shower announcements for me!

  25. Amy Wolff

    PS I posted about this site, the raffle, and hi friend on Facebook. Gotta love social networking! 🙂

  26. Mandi Downs

    I’d say I’m modern with a twist of classic! You take wedding invitations to a cheeky new fun! I love the layout of the website and all of your designs! They all bring out a girls inner style! Can’t wait to see what more you have in store for us!!
    I’ve spread the word through facebook [both personal and business] and twitter- letting them know of course to check out your website- look at the contest, but not to enter because I want to win! just kidding!! 🙂

  27. Page

    I’m totes torn! Modern is so quirky and witty, but I am head-over heels for the vintage prints. Call me vintage modern, call me one or the other, but call me hooked!

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