worthy splurge: christine mighion jewelry

i first told you about the amazing gems by christine mighion back in november – i fell for her designs at first sight, and the love has been ongoing ever since.  (in fact, christine just recently became a very welcome sponsor here at shoppingsmycardio…can’t help but love someone more when they love you back!)

but i recently got a chance to see her designs in person, and since i don’t often get that chance with my worthy splurge picks, i had to tell you all about it.  after months of agonizing, i finally treated myself to one of her amazing chrysocolla druzy necklaces…and readers, it’s the most gratifying thing i’ve added to my closet in ages (and i’m including all of my new spring shoes in that statement!).

Picture 4

can you even believe the color of that stone?  i can’t stop staring at it (or wearing it).  i knew i loved christine’s designs, but in person…oh, my.  they’re so carefully crafted, so detailed, just utterly perfect.  taking the plunge to spend that much on a piece took a gulp, i won’t deny it.  but now that i’ve had the chance to see firsthand the quality of the stones she uses, the hand-worked details, and the sheer, one-of-a-kind beauty of it all, i know it was worth every last cent.

next up for me (fingers crossed, anyway) will be one of her beautiful rings – she makes seriously stunning cocktail rings.  but then, i might have to treat myself to these sweet little pebble earrings from her latest collection in the meantime.  at $120, they’re the perfect little non-guilt-inducing treat, i think, and they shouldn’t interfere with saving for my next splurge!  plus, i have a birthday on the horizon…

(a little tip:  keep an eye on christine’s twitter account…she often posts discounts on her collection, so it’s a great way to nab something for a steal!)

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4 comments on “worthy splurge: christine mighion jewelry

  1. Meghan

    I am so insanely jealous! I have been eyeing the purple chalcedony ring for the longest time… I think I’ll get it at the end of the summer when I’ve saved up 🙂

  2. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    the whole waves collection is so pretty…i love the ring and the bangles.

    meghan, it’s totally worth saving for. honestly, *so* impressed by the quality! you’ll adore it 🙂 and you should def. keep an eye on her twitter for a discount code – that should sweeten the pot!

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