currently coveting: deck towel

i first spotted these linen beach towels from deck towel at design*sponge a couple of months ago, but they sold out so quickly, i didn’t have the heart to show them to you. don’t they just feel like summer?  those crisp, bright stripes on breezy, cool linen…they’re perfect for the beach, but to be honest, i’d be tempted to use these as a throw around the house instead of a beach towel, or even a topper for my picnic table.

fortunately, i just noticed they’re back for pre-order (looks like styles will be available again on august 15).  styles are $75 each, and i’d snap one up fast – they just got a prime spot in the new york times style section on sunday, which means they’re destined to sell out yet again!

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One thought on “currently coveting: deck towel

  1. Leigha

    Ah, perfection. Where were these lovelies when I actually lived by the beach? I guess it would still look pretty laid out over my backyard full of weeds. But I feel like they deserve better. They need sand.

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