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editor’s note: as you’ve probably noticed, my beauty reviews are always based on my own sensitive and perpetually dry skin (the very idea of testing a product designed to dry your skin terrifies me to my core).  regular SMC reader jennie noticed that those of you on the other side of the spectrum were getting left behind, and offered to help me remedy that by testing out a line of products for oil- and acne-prone skin. naturally, i couldn’t resist.  so, please welcome our guest reviewer, jennie!

Lately my skin has been less stable than Lindsay Lohan – and definitely as changeable as her legal representation. Normally, my skin is subject to the occasional blemish attack, but lately, it’s been one acne outbreak after another. Maybe it’s the extreme heat we’ve been suffering lately, the job search I’ve begun, or even that I’ve been lax in my prayers to the good skin gods…who can say?

All I knew is that I needed a solution, and fast. Compounding my skin stress was the fact that my go-to skin product had been discontinued…always a scary scenario.  Fortunately, I got the chance to check out the DDF skincare line, which addresses skin concerns ranging from acne to aging.  The amazing people at DDF sent over samples of their line of acne products for me to test, and I spent a full month giving them an exhaustive review.

From much experience, I’ve learned that when it comes to acne control, targeted cleansers and masks tend to be less important than treatment creams, which are the primary warriors on the frontline of acne warfare.  So while I liked the Blemish Foaming Cleanser and Sulfur Therapeutic Mask, I loved DDF’s three treatment products. I alternated between the Glycolic 10% Exfoliating Oil Control Gel, the Benzoyl Peroxide Gel, and the Acne Control Treatment. I used the Acne Control Treatment only at night (per the product instructions), but the other two I used both night and day, and was thrilled with the results!

The products were incredibly effective, and  did an amazing job of keeping my skin clear and happy.  Equally important, they didn’t make my skin red and irritated as is common with acne treatments. After using the Acne Control Treatment at night, I even noticed my skin tone was more even, and (dare I say) luminous.

All in all, DDF has struck the seemingly elusive balance between an effective yet gentle acne solution. These products are definitely going to be permanent fixtures in my battle for clear, perfect skin.

— jennie v.

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2 comments on “beauty buzz: stressed skin relief from DDF

  1. Kristina

    Do combo skin next!!! I have dry acne prone skin. Go figure. (And I have a wrinkle on my forehead. Life is so unfair.) If I use dry skin creams it breaks me out. If I use acne control products my skin gets so dry and flaky I’d almost rather have pimples. If you can find skincare that moisturizes, treats/prevents acne and early signs of aging… I will be indebted to you for life!

    Jennie – You have oily skin? Which of the treatment products would you say dried you out the least?

  2. Jennie

    Hi Kristina,

    I would say the night control treatment was milder than the benzoyl. The gel is good every few days, but I stuck mainly to the other two treatment products. The control treatment is more like a lotion than the benzoyl. You could always start with every other night to see if it dries you out too much. Hope that helps!

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