sweltering style relief from gorjana

with the weather being as swelteringly hot as it’s been lately, i’m sorry, but heavy cuffs and statement necklaces just aren’t an option.  instead, i head for the lightest, sweetest pieces i can find…but i still want maximum impact to offset summer’s perma-casual style.  and nearly every day this summer, gorjana has been my go-to for those perfect light, high-impact pieces.

their wrap necklaces are especially perfect when the weather gets hot.  most are a generous 46″ long, which means the styling options are endless.  leave it long, and it’s just right to doll up a tank dress, or double (or even triple) it for a more casual look with a tee and shorts (the doubled version is also gorgeous under a buttoned blouse at work).  either way, it’s utterly weightless, but still makes a statement.  this shimmer wrap necklace is my personal favorite right now, but to be honest, gorjana’s wrap necklaces are an addiction of mine…i own more than i should!

ditto for these chic little leather wrap bracelets (best left for those of you with thin wrists, i have to admit).  i get all of that bold, bright color without the weight of my heavy enamel bangles.  plus, i love the barely-there stud detailing.  at $55 each, they’re an easy way to give yourself a little end-of-summer treat.

Picture 7

(can’t help but love this image, by the way…it’s so rainbow brite-slash-punky brewster!)

in other exciting news, the lovely people at gorjana emailed last week to let me know they’d redesigned their website, and i am thrilled with the results.  sometimes simple is better, and when it comes to online shopping, i’m a girl with simple needs. bigger photos, no flash, easy to link…i’m a happy blogger!

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