currently coveting: nicola yoon designs

hello, dear readers! i’m back from my much-needed sabbatical and, while i suspect posting will be lighter this week as i ease my way back in (and continue to ignore summer fashion as much as possible), i just couldn’t stay away any longer.

lately, i’ve been feeling a bit “over” the big statement necklaces we’ve been wearing the last couple of years.  i’m ready for simple, thoughtful pieces that make a subtle statement, but are still big on style.  maybe with a little bit of color.  and if the designer figured out a way to make it look like i managed to perfectly coordinate a pair of pendants too, well, that would just be icing on the cake.

designer nicola yoon seems to have been reading my mind.  aren’t these just the most elegant necklaces?!  i can envision just about any of them becoming my new signature piece.  i love the touch of color that would be perfect year-round to accent my perpetually neutral wardrobe. and the pricing is absolutely perfect, with most piece in the $100-150 range…well, except for that moonstone and garnet necklace, but it was too stunning not to include.

with a birthday coming up next week, i can only hope that one of these stunners ends up in my jewelry box…the brighter, the better!

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