styled alternatives: the brogue boot

i’ve been trying for months to figure out a way to work the brogue oxford into my wardrobe, but the fact is i think the style’s just a little too hipster for me.  until, that is, i spotted this utterly perfect brogue boot in the new lilybee collection from simply soles.

talk about love at first sight!  now, on its face, this little boot is about as far from my comfort zone as i can imagine.  to begin with, i have a pretty serious phobia of short boots (for some reason, the idea of the top of the boot showing above my jean hem renders me catatonic, plus short boots with skinnies flatters roughly 15 people on the planet).  and again, styling the brogue was vexing me a bit.  but these beauties just called to me, and i couldn’t resist (a big thanks to simply soles for agreeing, and sending these over for me to experiment with!).

i think the secret to these boots is threefold.  first, they’re a bit dressier than the classic oxfords that i’m seeing everywhere (including on a 60-year-old mom yesterday, argh!).  so, rather than wearing them with shorts and cuffed boyfriend jeans, i’ll be wearing them with more tailored pieces, a much better fit for my style.  second, the short boot doesn’t scare me nearly as much here.  with the menswear-inspired styling, the side goring i’d normally steer clear of is a perfect choice.  plus, there’s no skinny vs. wide leg debate here – a boot or wide leg is the only option here.  and third, the color is insanely beautiful. it’s the perfect distressed-but-polished grayish taupe (not quite as brown as the photos would have you think) that’s going to go with nearly all of my favorite winter looks.

so, what will i be wearing these with, exactly?  i’m so glad you asked!

Picture 1

that outfit on the right?  that’s my winter uniform, right there.  trouser jeans, a great tweed jacket, tie-neck blouse and the perfect long pendant necklace (and those earrings from the temple st clair collection for target…love!).  and i can hardly wait for the weather to turn cool enough to try them with a pair of wool flannel trousers.  add a long cozy cashmere cardigan – in just about any color, really – a chunky hoop earring (love these by acanthus), and a great bag, and it’s perfection.

but these boots can play the casual game too, if i pair them with a simple v-neck sweater, my favorite boot-cut jeans, and a scarf.  maybe i’ll add my leather blazer for a bit of edge, or play around with a straight-leg jean (no skinnies here, please!).  and with that incredibly neutral color, don’t be scared of mixing in other neutrals.  black, brown, grey…the options are endless.

i will caution that this particular style runs a bit on the narrow side (they’re made in brazil, after all).  but a little $6 visit to my cobbler for stretching, and they were an absolutely perfect fit.  and truly, they’re just so pretty in person, i would have done just about anything to make them work.

if you love them too, you can nab them from simply soles for $225, a bargain in the boot world these days, i think.

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